Verisec signs 3 year 10XPAY deal

Verisec assists prominent UAE based financial services company to transfer Payment Cryptography to the Cloud using Verisec 10XPAY.

Stockholm, Sweden 13 June 2024 – Verisec MEA LLC (“Verisec”), a subsidiary of Verisec AB (publ), and a prominent financial services company in the United Arab Emirates have joined forces and signed a three-year agreement for Verisec to deliver payment cryptography as a service. The agreement, entered into on 30 May 2024, showcases how our customer has taken a proactive stance and resolved to embrace cloud-based solutions for payment cryptography, leveraging the cutting-edge technology 10XPAY provided by Verisec.

Verisec is thrilled to support our customer and by partnering with Verisec, our customer sends a clear signal about its commitment to supporting the latest technology as well as entrusting critical infrastructure to a PCI-compliant payment cryptography CSP.

“The transition to Cloud and payment cryptography as a service is expected to grow rapidly during the coming years. By investing in this transition now, our customers are positioned to adapt quickly and scalably to the evolving landscape of electronic payments, paying only for what they need – as our customers have come to expect from an as a service model;  all the while ensuring a seamless and secure experience for the end users”, remarks Anders Henrikson, CEO Verisec.

About Verisec

Verisec builds trust in digital transactions through the development of cutting-edge, proprietary technologies and services as well as the integration and application of a variety of top-tier, third-party security technologies. With a strong focus on cryptographic products and services that protect our customers’ sensitive data, card payments and digital identities.

For further information, please contact:

Anders Henrikson, CEO
+46 733 45 89 03