We are changing the name of our Mobile Token!

We would like to notify you about the upcoming changes to our Mobile Token. We are planning to release a new version on Google Play and App Store on July 5th. After this update our application will change its name from Freja Mobile to VerisecUP Mobile. End user impact if update is not applied There will be no impact to end users if the update is not applied and the application will continue to work as before. End user impact after update is applied

  • When searching for the application on the Google Play and App Store, users should now search for VerisecUP Mobile.

  • Already registered users should be mindful that the name of the app and in-app branding will change from Freja Mobile to VerisecUP Mobile.

  • Everything else will stay the same.

Timeline of Events:

  • July 5th - New version of VerisecUP Mobile token will be released for both Android and iOS