Strong security at scale for all users & all transactions 

For large and medium-sized organizations, when it comes to authentication, quick SCALE is the new name of the game - and VerisecUP Service delivers. The service has been specifically tailored to allow organizations to quickly scale up their Strong Authentication capabilities in a fast, pain-less way, within a planned and predictable budget.  

In a time of constant Cyber Attacks, where user access credentials are in most cases either the target of these attacks and/or the means to achieve them, security and regulation requirements demand that Strong User Authentication is applied to an ever expanding scope more of user types and transactions. This exponential expansion in the use of Strong Authentication requires front and backend solutions that can grow in an agile and smooth way.



Through the standard web services API provided by VerisecUP Managed Service, the digital channel applications of some of the largest financial and government institutions in the world have been able to expand in massive way their capability to protect with Strong Authentication ALL of the Digital Transactions executed by a much larger number of Digital Channel users. In a simple, flexible, secure and particularly incredibly scalable way. This is simple what VerisecUP does for organizations.


VerisecUP has been specifically designed to be able to service millions of users within a lean infrastructure footprint, installed in a customer and/or Verisec hosted environment. Verisec dedicated appliances are self-contained systems that have all the elements required to fulfil the most demanding authentication scenarios, with millions of users and thousands of transactions per second (TPS). In the VerisecUP Service model, there is no Capex involved for customers and no inherent obsolescence risks. Verisec expert staff design the required architecture to make sure that the infrastructure is in an optimal condition from the start, to deliver the best Performance and Security levels. 


The VerisecUP Service infrastructure has been designed from its origins to be Ultra-secure even when placed on an insecure environment and even assuming attackers could have direct access to it. This Zero Trust philosophy entails that Security keys can be natively stored within secure hardware modules embedded in the infrastructure, so that critical keys are not exposed at any time. Further to this, the integration with VerisecUP SDK, allows the use of an independently dedicated secure channel to connect user mobile devices with the Verisec API, this prevents all kinds of Man-in-the-Middle MITM attacks that plague most secure authentication systems. 


The VerisecUP Managed Service model allows Verisec certified and experienced engineers and operators to help customers quickly configure and adapt the infrastructure in order to comply with whatever specific requirements they might have have at the start and through the duration of the service. Therefore, there are no major training requirements or learning curve for customer staff and they can quickly be ready for whatever Strong Authentication requirements they could face. The infrastructure can still reside in customer datacenters, which means they can more easily integrate it with local applications and allow the best visibility and control when it comes to Compliance and Audits.  


As well as complete the setup and assist with quick integration with customer applications, the VerisecUP Service staff will monitor the infrastructure and make sure that is always in optimum condition. This while customer operations staff can still have some visibility related to the status of the main functionality in the service. Additionally, Verisec staff monitor the main vital signs of the infrastructure to prevent any outages on the critical application processes supported by the service. 



  • Intuitive UX interaction for end users.  

  • Quick integration with multiple customer applications, in days not months.  

  • Lean infrastructure footprint.   


  • Flexibility.

  • Verisec Backend infrastructure and Mobile SDK allows for multiple functionality: secure transaction validation , Mobile OTP, HW OTP, digital signature and biometrics. 

  • No limit on the number of customer applications that can be integrated, always abiding to Open Standards. 


  • Commercial Model focused on demand-based growth. Within predictable and controlled budget costs. 

  • Infrastructure capable of supporting up to millions of users without requiring constant and costly updates. 


  • Secure independent channel between Mobile SDK and backend infrastructure. With unique Transaction PULL functionality that eliminates ”phishing” attacks. 

  • Key encryption in Mobile SDK using the user’s password or biometrics, unique in the market. 

  • Native HSM integration for security key storage in the backend infrastructure.  

Service Infrastructure Options

  • On premise: hardware appliances. 

  • On premise: virtual appliances. 

  • Cloud/Hosted: shared or seggregated.