Announcement for our VERISECUP moblie token app customers

What is happening?

We would like to notify you about the most recent release of our VerisecUP Mobile App, which is used as a Mobile Token and is available now in the Apple Appstore for iOS and Google Play for Android. This latest release incorporates recent changes in our Verisec Mobile Core SDK library, which is the central element of the VerisecUP Mobile App. We released a new version of this library on November 9th 2022 for both Android and iOS. The only update we have made in this release is a replacement of the certificate used for the Certificate Pinning feature, however this change will require that the users from our VerisecUP Mobile App customers perform and update of their App, that will include this latest version of the SDK.

Why is this happening?

The SDK library communicates with a Verisec service known as Verisec MDS, in order to fetch the correct address and certificate of the Customer backend server that it needs to connect to. During the TLS handshake between the SDK and the Verisec MDS service, certificate pinning functionality is performed as an additional security measure to protect from malicious attacks, where an unauthorized third party might try to impersonate the Verisec MDS servers.

The current certificate used as part of this certificate pinning process will expire on December 11th 2022. Therefore, in order to avoid any negative customer impact we will update the Verisec MDS service certificate on December 1st 2022.

What would be the impact for customer user?

We are planning to renew the Verisec MDS service certificate on December 1st 2022. Once this certificate is renewed, Customer Users that have not updated their VerisecUP Mobile App to the latest released version will have the following impact:

  • Activation and/or re-activation of the Verisec Mobile App will not be possible.
  • Certificate renewal for the Customer’s Verisec MASS servers will not be possible for existing users.

What would the customer users have to do to avoid impact?

Update to the latest version of the App by December 1st 2022.

Timeline of Events:

  • November 9th 2022 – New version of the Verisec Mobile Core SDK library with new certificate was released for both Android and iOS.
  • November 21th 2022 – Latest update of the VerisecUP Mobile App released to the Apple Appstore and Google Play.
  • December 1st 2022 – New Verisec MDS service certificate is published. By this time Customer Users should have updated to the latest version of the VerisecUP Mobile App.
  • December 11th 2022 – Current Verisec MDS service certificate expires.

For any further questions please get in touch with our service team at SUPPORT@VERISECINT.COM